Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Beginning


Nurhayana Enterprise was just a small scale home-business back in 1991. But with their passionate and enthusiastic workers, the shop grew from just selling chandeliers and fans into a shop which now offers a wide range of bridal services with uncompromising quality.

Then in 2001, Nurhayana Bte Abdullah (the sole owner of the business) decided that for the sake of her customers, the shop opened a new branch in Kiulap.

"our customer is our first priority. we knew that back then, it was a burden for them to travel a very long distance to serasa just to get our services, so we decided to take the opportunity to move our shop to kiulap, which of course is way nearer to anywhere. in fact, now we even have customers coming from Belait and Tutong." Said Nurhayana.

Nurhayana Enterprise provides a variety of services to customers who wish to celebrate their wedding with style- but without forgetting the traditional adat of perkahwinan melayu brunei.


We provide more than 150 selections of pelaminan; Nurhayana Enterprise is surely the best place for you to rent the best pelaminan in the country.

"we can even design your dream pelaminan so it won't just stay as a fantasy"


Most of the wedding dresses which we offer for rent are of our own design. Once you have found the perfect dress and made the decision to place an order, our bridal dress consultant will take careful measurements to ensure the best fit possible. While a size is recommended by us, the size choice is always the bride's decision.


With Nurhayana Enterprise, we also provide top quality Malay Wedding accessories such as traditional necklaces, bracelets etc. for malay weddings, which are available for renting. Furthermore, there are also Gangsa, Tempat Bebadak and also Bunga telor which may be compulsary for any malay weddings. They are all available for renting/sale.

*new* Nurhayana Video Division

Opened its service in 2007, Nurhayana Video Division specializes in the filming of many couples on their wedding day. Supported by a team of professional, experienced videographers and photographers, we will make each of our customers sure that all their sweet moments will be captured and filmed with magnificent pictures and applausible sound quality.

Nurhayana Video Division is also gaining reputation on providing highly-maintanenced PA system and Screen projectors at an affordable price.

telephone us now: +6732237365 or +6732237366

visit us at No. 5 Tingkat 1 bgn Haji metussin Kg Kiulap BSB negara Brunei Darussalam



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